Introducing Pete and 'The Dog Taxi 2'

From March 2018 we will be welcoming the newest member of our team! 

Please contact us to find out about our new availability! 


All our services include FREE transport!

Worried about your dog being transported in dark, stuffy vans with lots of other dogs crammed in? 

Then 'The Dog Taxi' is the perfect solution! Our specially adapted Dog Taxis allows dogs to ride in safety and comfort, whilst always able to see where they are going. Your dog will always have a bright, airy and fun journey in 'The Dog Taxi'.

Room for everyone, in style...

Our taxis have been adapted to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes 

(from a Teacup Terrier to an Irish Wolfhound!) 

Either seat-belted or crated, your dog/s will not only be the talk of the town, but always safe and secure when on the move in style! 


Don't forget to follow our adventures as we drive around Surrey in the Dog Taxi.